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Local Street Food & Drinks – Interesting Batam

From fried rice till seafood, from western to Indian foods are available in Batam. What else? Most of the dishes from around Indonesia you can get in Batam. Just you need to ask someone who know better than you.

If you are new to Batam, and, if you are traveling from different country. Then, best is to ask somebody. By the way, if your smartphone, mobile or android is equipped with Google Maps, then for you easier too to know.

Still, getting help from a human friend is more worthy than you can’t guess south or west after dark.

People here are friendly. Don’t worry about that.

Just never try to make people scare if you are using different language rather than Bahasa Indonesia. I think this is usual anywhere same. Nowadays, a lot of people speak in English, but comparing to Jakarta, it is still less in Batam.

What to Eat and Drink

So, about food. Yes, there are a lot of restaurants, Coffee shops, Café and street side food stalls. What I found in Batam, more or less, everywhere you can find street food unless sea side villages at night.

Light Food

Gado Gado
Lontong Sayur
Mie Rebus
Mie Pangsit
Tahu Tek
These are the light food you can get nearly everywhere in Batam. Even can treat as for lunch, those love diet.



Here are some snacks, Gorengan or Fries of different types, usually available in afternoon time, at some places you can get in the morning too, as breakfast.
And, Kuruppuk is like crackers. These are crispy, usually while eating rice and with the light food items above, you can add. However, with the light food, usually already includes.


Teh O-Beng
Teh Panas/ Teh Hangat
Teh Jahe
Kopi susu

Rather than The Jahe or Ginger tea, the rest you supposed to get in all kinds of food stalls and local restaurants.


This a drinks of afternoon till mid or late night in many areas of Batam. Mixed with condensed milk and Ginger. Also, egg as additional on request.
A group of people usually hangout and spend long time talking with a glass of Bandrek, each.

Fruit Juice

Many kinds of fruit juice drinks you can get, also in different qualities and prices. This is too you will find everywhere, usually afternoon, by the street.
In restaurants, usually available always.

NasGor – Nasi Goreng
Ayam Penyet
Pecel Lele
Mie Goreng

I guess you are enjoying food and drinks while are you walking around in Batam or somewhere in Barelang area. 


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