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Lifestyle Batam: Combining Old Village & Urban Life

Are you living in Batam or anywhere in Barelang area? Or are you visiting Batam after a long time?
If you are living in this city then you know how every part of Batam is growing gradually. Also, some places and sectors are in fast move. And, let’s have a look at Lifestyle Batam: Combining Old Village & Urban Life

In fact, Batam is developing every day.  From school until job opportunity, housing and shopping, in every part of everyday life people are moving forward.

Village & Urban Lifestyle: Batam to Barelang

As my wife told that, for schooling in her time, in Batam, there was no school. And, from Belakang Padang, they had to move to a nearby island, example, to Tanjung Pinang for education purpose.

Batam was then a beautiful green with hills, a natural landscape without a lot of small housing complexes.

Now, Batam is having few Polytechnics and Universities including ship and air service related education facilities.

By the way, I am here many years and I can see the upgrading development, slow, but it’s happening. Batam is growing.

As my wife told that, for schooling in her time, in Batam, there was no school. And, from Belakang Padang, they had to move to a nearby island, example, to Tanjung Pinang for education purpose.
Batam was then a beautiful green with hills, a natural landscape without a lot of small housing complexes.

Now, Batam is having few Polytechnics and Universities including ship and air service related education facilities.

By the way, I am here many years and I can see the upgrading development, slow, but it’s happening. Batam is growing. 

Lifestyle in Batam 

Indeed Batam residents are from various parts of Indonesia. Also, from different countries. Carrying culture, language or cuisine from many far islands into Batam for living. And, all are making a common lifestyle of everyday life beside own group of people. 

Ethnic, language, religion and fashion or style of individual or a group of area, also race.  


Economy: Source of Living

Besides Government job, a majority of the population are working in manufacturing industries, ship building and construction companies. Also, different business, property development and transport or hotels. And many with insurance companies and Multi Level Marketing companies as freelance as ‘side business’. 

Fishing also are practicing well as the main source of income of the small islanders and the people living by the sea shores. Some are fishing for extra income and hobby. 

By the way, economy we can see good or bad from the business running at shopping malls and street side business including street food, that is mainly of the manufacturing industry’s employee’s expenditure. 

Even the property business too, as in Batam most the housing complex target customer is Low income level or low installment term. 

Living: Residential Housing Complex

There are many housing developers and a lot of housing complexes in different shape, size, and price. People may purchase in cash or in installment.


Government or state run schools and private sector schools both are running well in around Batam. There are Polytechnics and Universities are in Batam as well serving toward to build future educated manpower source. 

Resources of Food supply

Besides some fruits, vegetables and fishes from the villages and small islands surrounding Jalan Trans Barelang area, all other items are from other cities and import from other countries available in Batam to consume.

Local Food and Drinks

As Batam is multiracial and multi-culture, a growing city, so, you are going to test and taste a lot of foods and drinks from all over Indonesia. And being neighbor to Singapore and Malaysia, surely, you can aspect too.

Western and Thai, all, star hotels are serving this beside you can get from the Café and Food Court.
As Batam is always filled to local and foreign tourists, so, food and accommodation are always at the top service.

You just need to look for and ask for, what you want.

Wet markets 

To meet the daily consumption, there are a few big wet markets in Batam. While, there are in departmental stores are too selling fresh and frozen fish.

Also, more or less, every housing complex is also having grocery shops. Some of these are selling fresh vegetables and frozen meat and fish.

Within a certain distance, in between a few housing complexes, you may find a wet market. Also, there are some grocery shops sell fish, meat, and vegetables in the housing area too.


PLN or Bright is liable for residential and commercial electricity supply including industrial demand. Even though, there are many occurrences of ‘hours out of electricity’, still things are developing slowly.

In Batam drinking water is maintained and supplied by ATB.

Garbage – Sampah 

Quite messy but there is a garbage pickup system works around Batam city area. The residents put wastages in plastic bag and put it in front of home, beside the entrance gate to home. In some cases, just on the floor beside the road, in other cases, in a quarter cut drum.

And, the people will come by a truck or smaller transport, will pick.

Not a nice view to look at, but it is what happening. Two or three of them will collected the bins, throw in to the truck from bellow. Yes, some rubbish surely come back on the street, plastic and papers fly away.

You can see, dirty liquids dropping.

They are in rush but not in hurry, and will spread up the aroma in the complex wide. You can see the view, just tying up somehow all the rubbish, the running on the road. Yes, not slow but on quite good speed.

This was what happening now, at the time of writing.

I believe, time will come, the city will copy the better system of modern cities or countries, example, from the neighbor country, Singapore.

Shopping Malls

People living in Batam are enough enthasious for shopping and to serve them, there are few shopping malls such as, Mega Mall just front of Batam Center international Ferry terminal, occupied with many local brand chain stores as Matahari and Hypermart.

Also, Nagoya hill, Diamond City Mall that known DC Mall, Top 100 at Tembesi, Batam Center, Jodoh, Nagoya and Bengkong area.

And, these all are crowded with busy buying shoppers besides travelers from outer cities or countries. Kepri mall, Panbil mall and STC Mall at Sekupang are also in business.

These are the some shopping malls around Batam. Some are near to ports and the rest scattered around.
If you are traveling to Batam for holidays or for visiting family or for a business trip, to be sure you are enjoying the city and outskirt, just move around with somebody you know or with a local tour guide service.

This way, you can make your trip more efficient by saving time, energy and money.

Historical Places

Not many but only a few historical places in Barelang area. One of these is Kampung Vietnam at Pulau Galang. The rest we can say as old villages, however, most of the small islands around Batam including Barelang bridge area are with own long history too.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any suggestion to include here, please wirte in the comment box below.

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