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Batam Tourist Accommodation: Star and Budget Hotels for Travelers

Batam is not known as ‘City of Hotel” but, comparing the last 20 years, now, a lot of new hotels are doing business to serve local and foreign tourist accommodation in Batam. From cheap, budget until star hotels are available, also including resort hotels.

Hotel Accommodation: 

Star Budget and Cheap Hotels for Travelers to Choose

Moreover, not only in the main city area for hotel accommodation but outskirt of the city too. You can get hotels for a night stay or long-term stay, as you require. For your transportation, you can get a taxi from the hotel.

Or just walk a little distance you can get local transport.

But, depends on where you are. If you are new it’s best to check with the hotel reception.

However, not many but I am going to add a few hotel names by area, and I hope you can find many other by asking any taxi or motorbike service.

In case, you are looking for a suitable one for you.

While some you can get food court, restaurant or food stalls are just nearby, some other not.

Batam Center

Start from the Seaport area you can get hotels on deferent prices and classes, as well as the facilities they offer. Some are with sea view, with swimming pool while some other not.

Harris hotel, Harmoni one and Hotel 001, these are not much far from the Batam Center Point International Ferry Terminal.

Which is facing with Mega Mall shopping mall, and also near to Public Service Mall building that widely known as Gedung Sumatra or Sumatera Conventional Center.

By the way, Sky View hotel is at Palm Spring. Also, Novena Inn, Batam Center hotel are in Batam Center area with few other more.

So, you get Star and budget, both in this area.


This is the main business area in Batam. A lot of hotels, shops, a few malls including Nagoya Hill Shopping Center, also some budget hotels in this mall compound.

By the way, many restaurants and cafés in Nagoya are to spend time with local and other cuisines.

Some popular hotels, such as Nagoya Plaza Hotel and Good Way Hotel is just beside the main street.


Planet Holiday Hotel, Swiss Bell and many budget hotels are surrounding Jodoh and adjacent Nagoya area. Many Bank’s head offices are too in this two area.

However, Harbor Bay ferry terminal area also, a business and commercial area. With many hotels and food choices.

Nagoya Newton 

Many budget hotels you can find here. This is in between Nagoya, Jodoh and Penuin. Even for nightlife amusement too, this area is quite popular with the young generation.

Batu Ampar 

There are a few hotels in this area, for example, Music Hotel, a budget category hotel. A little out of the main city area, but, Batu Ampar is adjacent to Jodoh and Bengkong.

And, a lot of public transport is available. Also, a large and variety of local food stalls are available by the roadside. So, if you are residing somewhere in Batu Ampar area, you no need to worry about food.


Besides some budget and cheap hotels, there is a big hotel by Sea at Bengkong Laut Sea Food Restaurant area. So, if you are Sea Food lover, then just come out of your room and walk to the restaurant on the seawater by the shore.

Also, street food and stalls are there out of the hotel area.


This area is neighboring with Nagoya area, and there are some budget hotels. Hotel 89 is one of the popular hotels in this area. If you are choosy, then just walk around to find a suitable hotel for you.

By the way, there is a wet market, also many food stalls, travel agency and local coffee shops there.

Further, BCS or Batam City Square shopping mall is near too also, a lot of hotels are in walking distance if you want to look for.

Moreover, varieties of food, you can taste one after another.


This is one of the oldest areas in Batam besides Nagoya and Jodoh. A lot of Government offices and Government employee’s housing complex in Sekupang area.

There are some hotels and, golf resort and hotels also you can find. Such as Akasia hotel, Indah Puri Golf, and Resort on Bukit Harimau/ Tiger Hill.

Batu Aji

Recently, there are many new budget hotels are growing up in this area. Moreover, public transport and street food, stalls are available wherever you move around in Batu Aji area.

Tanjung Uncang 

Adjacent to Batu Aji, Tanjung Uncang is known for shipping related business. However, not many but there are a few hotels in this area.

If you are planning to visit this area, you can use public transportation if you need. Further, a lot of choices of local food stalls, as well.


Neighboring with Batu Aji and Sekupang, while opposite of Tanjung Uncang that departed by the Sea is Marina, a beautiful area. Also, with the Marina International Sea Port.

A few Star hotel and resort hotels are there, while only a few budget hotels you can find.
Holiday Inn Hotel and Harris Resort Hotel, both famous for a long period of time in the Marina area.

However, Marina Waterfront by the seashore is quite a popular place for hangout.


This area is popular for sea beach, Golf Resorts and also, for old village/ Kampung Tua.

Some Golf and Resort Hotels are in the Nongsa beach area, you can find very easily. In case, you are on holidays and not looking for a cheap stay then these Beach Resort Hotels you are going to love.

Also, Nongsa Pura International Ferry Terminal is there, which is just a 30 minutes journey to Tanah Merah Sea Port, Singapore.

Here you have a few names by area, so, this information may help you a little bit to find a temporary place as you are traveling to Batam and nearby area.

And, the names are just for a guideline for you. There are many you can find once you reach any of these.

Have a happy nature tour in Batam, enjoy local foods.

Here is a list of some article links, you can choose to read.



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