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All Purpose One Stop Public Service Mall Batam for Local Residents and Foreigners

If you are living in Batam or just new here, and you need information, or you need to process your National ID card, passport, driving license or even about water or electricity matters, here, just reach and get your problem solved in short time. Also, the one-stop service for foreigners living or to process to work and live, the dedicated immigration service is located here. Can you see the Sealine? I captured this image after get in by the Entrance gate. Beautiful! Multi Purpose Quick Service and Information Center I am not promoting but what I saw and I experienced myself. Most likely, all the government and semi-government institutions are here to serve the locals, as well as foreigners, under one roof. For example, you are not sure where it is located. Let’s just make it simple. It’s in Batam Center area. Nearby Batam Center International Ferry Terminal. Any, taxi or rental motor biker knows Mega Mall too which besides the port. Moreover, by public transportat

Batam Transportation: Most Available Vehicles to Move Around While You Are Traveling

While you plan to travel to Batam, it’s good to know about the local environment and lifestyle as much as possible. Whatever the reason to visit Batam and Barelang area, you need transportation for your movability around the city and out of the city. Available Transport in Batam Including Barelang  And, it's better to know about transportation of Batam. Here I am presenting from my experience as I am living here. All the information is at the time of writing. So, to make sure, please check again other current sources so, you are not going to blame me. This is for an overall idea. For the accuracy, I don’t guarantee as well. In this article, I am giving you a clear picture about Batam transportation, for a traveler or even those you are planning to stay or live in Batam. This is a far city from the central administration of Indonesia. And, in few cases, comparing with Jakarta, Medan or Bali is just not worthy. What I saw in other cities, the arrangement in Batam, not

Hang Nadim Batam: A Beautiful International Airport with The Longest Runway in Indonesia

Hang Nadim Batam, is the only airport in Batam Island. For the domestic and even some International flights, this seaside airport is quite busy. Hang Nadim Batam  Here I am bringing you to the airport, follow me. Main Entrance Gate Hang Nadim International Airport Batam  You will see this big gate once you take your turn to the Airport from the main road. Turn right, if you are coming by Jalan Sudirman, let say from Nagoya or Sekupang, even from Batam center, while crossing the four road junction Simpang Dam then Legenda area. And, take the turn to left if you are from Nongsa or Punggur by Batu Besar. However, go straight while you are coming out by the road from Botania area, or from Nongsa by the circle beside the State High School. . Entrance Gate To and From the Main Road - Hang Nadim Batam - Image Credit: Author If you want to walk and take camera shots of both side, you can do that. More or less, a 15 minutes walking distance may take longer in case, you

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