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Attractive Ports in Batam Island for Local and International Travelers

Whether you are coming to Batam or going out from Batam, there are some Sea Ports and an Airport that you can use. As Batam is an island, obviously more seaports are around the seashore. And, these are for different purposes, as well.

Ports In Batam City 

For example, to go to the neighbor islands, there are regional sea transportations, also, national water transport to go to Jakarta and Medan.

While, to neighbor countries, there are a few international ferry terminals.

Hang Nadim Airport

Image Credit: Author

This is the entrance gate to Hang Nadim Airport, once turn into from the main street. This is beautiful in multi colors.

Sea Ports

International, National, Regional and local passenger and cargo ferry ports are enough busy handling thousands of people in and outbound. 

International Ferry Terminal  - Batam Center Point 

Image Credit: Author

Sekupang Internation Ferry Terminal

Passengers to and from Singapore use this port. 

Harbor Bay Sea Port

At Jodoh this is a seaport to go to Singapore, 

Nongsa Pura 

Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal, Batam - Image: Author
Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal, Batam - Image: Author

Arrival and Departure, Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal, Batam - Image: Author
Arrival and Departure, Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal, Batam - Image: Author

Departure gate of Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal, Batam - Image: Author
Departure Gate - Image: Author

Only 30 Minutes journey by ferry to and from Tanah Mera Seaport, Singapore. 

Marina Sea Port

Just beside the Marina Water Front is Marina seaport to go Singapore. 

Besides these international seaports, there are a few more. 

Pelau Buhan Beton, Sekupang 

If you plan traveling to Jakarta and Medan by ship from Batam, then this is port you are going to use. And, this is just beside the international ferry terminal Sekupang. 

Sekupang Regional Sea Port

This is the Seaport to Tanjung Balai Karimun and some other islands. 

Pelau Buhan Pancung

A small port to go to small islands near to Sekupang, such as Pulau Belakang Padang, Pulau Sambu and some other nearby islands. 

Pelau Buhan Telaga Punggur 

If are traveling to Tanjung Pinang and, or to Bintan island, then this is the port you are going to use by ferry. 

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