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Alun Alun: The City Square, Most Popular Public Meeting & Recreation Space at Heart of Batam Center

Alun Alun Batam, is at Batam Center, one of the most popular public places in this beautiful island city. And, it is near to One Stop Public Service Mall alias, Gedung Sumatra and Batam Center Point International Ferry Terminal.

Alun Alun Batam - People Love to Visit Regular

Batam City Square/ Alun Alun Batam - Image: Author
Alun Alun Batam/ Batam City Square - Image Credit: Author

Nearly six months back I wrote on Google Maps as a Local Guide, contributor, “Alun Alun is a popular public and official outdoor gathering place in Batam Center beside the Mayor Office / Kantor Walikota Batam, Pemerintah Kota Batam building.”

I added, “It's a big, wide open field with garden and limited public playground. Also, neighboring with Masjid Raya, BP Batam which is previously known as, Otorita, building.

And, besides Harris Hotel, Sea Port International Ferry Terminal Batam Center, and Mega Mall.”

Even, near to Public Service Mall that known Gedung Sumatra, as well.

Also, I mentioned that “For morning jogging and a family walk at this park, Alun Alun that you can choose to enjoy a nice time.”

Further, today I am going to write more about this attracting public space for the local residents and even for the tourists from other cities or countries.

By the way, Batam is one of the popular and most visited city and island of Indonesia.

However, if you enter Alun Alun area from just opposite of Batam Center Ferry Terminal then you will see this at your right-hand side. 

Skateboard Alun Alun Batam

Image Credit: Author

Basketball Playground

Image Credit: Author

Gallary Sitting Place

Image Credit: Author

Mayor Office Adjacent Alun Alun Batam Center 

Image Credit: Author

Mesjid Raya and Batam Pos

Image Credit: Author

In this picture, you can see Mesjid Raya and Batam Pos Office Seen from Alun Alun as I took the photo from far but still in the public square area.

Seaport Batam Center Point International Ferry Terminal 

Image Credit: Author

Image Credit: Author

The connecting bridge with Mega Mall and the Seaport.

Image Credit: Author

Here is Mega Mall just opposite of Batam Center Internation Ferry Terminal.

Image Credit: Author

Harris Hotel Batam center is at the right side of the seaport.

Image Credit: Author

This photo I captured from the gate that opposite of Batam Center Seaport.

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